Neon lounge VIP experience

The Neon Lounge is a freshly designed 80s remix of the classic cocktail bar. It is the stylish reinvention of the Ambleside Retro Music Festival VIP Experience

Your Premium VIP Weekend Experience not only includes your admission to the festival for all three days of retro heaven, but also gets you exclusive access to the Neon Lounge, where you’ll receive first class service! Private beverage service, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and pre-show appetizers between sets is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your VIP Ambleside Retro Music Festivalt experience.


  • A signature centre bar for VIP mingling and slinging of classic cocktails and good times. Viewing screens around the space keep the main stage front and centre.

  • Private corporate chalets provide a fantastic and unique hospitality experience for client and partner hosting.

  • Exclusive musical content and special performances in between main stage sets.

  • Exclusive VIP access areas to the main stage and Stage B as well as VIP parking.

  • Elevated and exclusive food menu along with priority viewing terrace and seating